At the end of June, Marden Theatre Group was very excited to welcome professional community theatre The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company to Southons Field for a performance of The Commercial Traveller – written by Creative Director Pete Talbot.

Pete trained in Italy in the 16th century art form known as Commedia dell’Arte, and writes his pieces as modern stories told in this very traditional style of pantomime – white faces with garish make-up, exaggerated physical action, and very, very funny.

Set in 1920s Britain, and full of flappers, Etonians, gangsters and cunning servants, along with live music and breathtakingly fast costume changes, the whole performance of The Commercial Traveller was absolutely hilarious, and the 100-strong audience was left in stitches.

There is no doubt in our minds that we are keen to get the Rude Mechanicals back next year, and when we’ve booked them, we strongly recommend getting your tickets early so as not to be disappointed!

Why not ‘like’ our Facebook page to keep up to date with what we are up to in the meantime – a performance of Allo Allo is coming up in October, we have a panto coming up in May (because, why not?!) and we are concocting plans for the months in between… watch this space!