Welcome to Marden Theatre Group

The Marden Theatre Group (MTG) is a group of village residents with a shared passion for amateur dramatics and theatre production. With a long history of popular pantomimes, variety shows, modern plays and Shakespearean performances, MTG has always managed to entertain the community of the Wealden village of Marden and surrounding areas.

We encourage people of all ages to join us, and we are in the process of getting our youth theatre group (age 9 and above) back off the ground, so watch this space!

Everyone will get a chance to shine and all are encouraged to audition for our productions. Many of our members joined as children and now continue to be a part of this growing group of like-minded individuals. All ideas are listened to and everyone is treated with respect.

It is not all about being on stage; our 40 strong (and growing by the day) team are passionate about turning our men into dames, building background scenes to take you to another world or time, and painting the faces of our production characters.

Allo Allo

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